Garza's Golden Gang

4th of July Sale!

We pride ourselves in helping our mother dogs raise their puppies, ensuring they each receive direct care from all members of our family.

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Meet our puppies!

Garza's Goldendoodle Dogs, Chewy, Hanna, Lucy.
Who We Are

A Family dedicated to hand raising Goldendoodles

We decided to help families find their new Goldendoodle puppies because we love the breed. We are dedicated to help them develope into the smart, loyal, kind, and gentle dogs we know they are.


Chewie is the father to all of our puppies. His father is a champion mini poodle and Chewie's puppies tend to have a thicker curlier coat. Not only do his puppies inherit his curls, they also receive his playfulness and intelligence.

South Texas Goldendoodle with child
Male Goldendoodle with child in the Rio Grande Valley


Lucy is the smallest of our females, weighing around 21 pounds. She has a curly red coat with white markings. Lucy is sweet, very smart, and loves to be held. Her puppies definitely are some of the smaller Goldendoodles you'll ever meet.


Hanna is a mini/medium sized Goldendoodle and her coat is definitely a bit more on the retriever side. She is the most loving, patient, and gentle dog. All of our dogs are wonderful around small children but Hanna's personality is definitely off the charts.

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Available Puppies!


🐾 Update Alert! We currently have 1 puppy available! Contact us to schedule time to visit our girl puppy.

Adoption Fees

We are with our puppies every step of the way



  • 35-45 lbs in size
  • Champion bloodline
  • Month of food
  • Vaccinations/Health Check

4th of July Sale


  • Below 35 lbs
  • Champion bloodline
  • Month of food
  • Vaccinations/Health Check

Contact us at any time!

We are dedicated to finding you your happy and healthy puppy. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have or to reserve your new puppy! You can reach us at 956-802-8537. You are also more than welcome to email us directly at, or please submit your information and we will reach out to you!